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Scando Reunion III, December 30, 2008, at the Blue Barn

This music archive has been set up to help sustain Scandinavian folk music knowledge for anyone interested. Hopefully, this archive will be helpful for those of us playing the music to figure out specific notes that we may not always remember clearly. This will help those of us that are a tad rusty in our far-flung places!

By the way, these files are relatively large. They are between 13 and about 23 megabytes. So, these are quite large when downloading on a very fast connection, and torture when downloading via dial-up. Please be patient! In general, the files roughly correspond to 20 or so pages of music each. Thus, if in the Table of Contents, you find a piece that you are interested in on page 60, you may find it toward the end of Sheet Music Scans III or in the beginning of Sheet Music Scans IV. However, don't hold me to this! We will fine tune in time...

Have fun!

Scando Sheet Music Table of Contents

Sheet Music Scans I

Sheet Music Scans II

Sheet Music Scans III

Sheet Music Scans IV

Sheet Music Scans V

Sheet Music Scans VI

Scando Reunion II, December 2007, at the Hayes' in Boulder

Compiled by Greg Hayes


Updated: December 30, 2008

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